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Power Screed 4′, 8′, 12′ Bars






Product Description


You won’t regret trading in your 2×4 for the real deal. This tool is affordable, and easy to transport, assemble, & operate. We designed this unit to enable a single operator to quickly and easily level a large area. Guaranteed to bring your concrete placement to the next level! Multiple blade lengths available from 4′ – 16′



Engine GX35
Weight (dry) 27.9 lbs (12.7kg) plus blade
Weight (operating) 29.6 lbs (13.5kg) plus blade
Blade Weight 4′ (1.2m) 6.4 lbs (2.9kg)
6′ (1.8m) 9.6 lbs (4.4kg)
8′ (2.4m) 12.8 lbs (5.8kg)
10′ (3m) 16 lbs (7.3kg)
12′ (3.7m) 19.2 lbs (8.7kg)
14′ (4.5m) 22.4 lbs (10.2kg)
16′ (4.9m) 25.6 lbs (11.6kg)
Fuel Capacity 0.17 Gal (0.65L)
Sound Rating 50 Dba

Rental Info:

4 Hours: $100
Day: $150
Week: $450
Month: $1000



How do I reserve items for the date of my job?

An order can be placed over the phone, or in person at either of our locations. A driver’s license and security deposit are needed for reservations.

We recommend reserving your item as soon as you know what is desired due to a first come first serve policy. Our busiest months are from May – October. You may reserve the maximum amount of items necessary, and then bring your counts down as the event planning develops.

We typically deliver 1-2 days prior to a job. We typically request a 4 hour window between 7 am – 4 pm Monday – Friday and we do not deliver on Saturday or Sunday. There may or may not be an additional fee for delivery at a specified time, or after normal hours of operation. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.